The SnowShower provides real snowfall from top with a unique natural snow quality. The plug & play SnowEngines of the SLX Series operates indoor and outdoor up to +45°C ambient temperature.


Real snowfall and winter scenery on unlimited surfaces providing the simplest way to generate wintertime feeling. The SnowCabin is chilled from +2°C up to +10°C to get slowly melting of snow.


Brand new concept for winter scenery below the freezing point chilled by IceWalls. Save up to 40% of investment costs compared to classic SnowRoom technology as well as needed space for engineering.


The classic SnowRoom is the optimal solution for generating heavily frequented winter scenery below the freezing point as well as for room surfaces higher 18m².


An IcePool is the strongest way to cool down and refresh - is it too cold you are too soft. Real ice below and above the water line providing water temperature of +0.1°C up to +6.0°C.


Use the IceWall for creating an unique decoration of glacier style. For cold rooms and frigidarium the IceWall generates cold energy for cooling down the area.


Snowmaking Engineering from Germany


Icemaking Engineering from Germany