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Snow fountain

In the snow fountain, fine natural snow falls into a collection tray or basin. The guest removes snow manually, for ex-ample for cooling and refreshment. The snow machine is installed above the bowl or basin and produces snow contin-uously after activation. With the optionally available height sensor, the snow height can be regulated automatically. Thus, the snow production is automatically stopped after exceeding a defined maximum height and automatically activated as soon as a defined minimum height is fallen below.
Snow amount
The amount of snow produced by the snow fountain is primarily limited by the volume of the collection tray or the collection basin. With the help of the optionally available height sensor, the snowfall height can be automatically regu-lated and controlled.
The snow fountain can produce snow up to an ambient temperature of +45°C. Basically, the warmer the ambient tem-perature, the faster the produced snow melts.
Below are some examples of use for a snow fountain:

  • for cooling down after heat treatments in the spa & wellness area
  • for medical applications and therapies
  • as an attraction and highlight
  • for test and material testing
  • sales promotion at POI/Pos
The snow fountain offers a wide range of uses. For further possibilities of use or the implementation of your ideas, our team is at your disposal.
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