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Ice pool

The ice pool is a dipping pool with ice build-up on the inner walls of the pool and a water temperature of +0.1°C to +6.0°C. Comparable to an ice hole in winter or a traditional cooling method in Scandinavian countries and Russia. The ice pool offers the most powerful way to cool down the body.

With the IPX ice pool system from MSK, however, not only the cooling of the inner walls of the pool but also a "head cooling" is possible. In this case ice forms in the area above the water surface. This ice merges seamlessly into the ice deposits below the water's edge. Thus, the ice pool offers not only the desired cooling but also an impressive appear-ance.
Ice quality
The ice formed on the inner walls of the pool is crystal clear and transparent. In combination with RGB LED lighting, a unique look is created that generates appropriate attention.
Amount of ice
The amount of ice on the inner walls of the pool depends on the desired water temperature. Depending on the water volume, a corresponding number of MSK IPX ice wall panels are installed.
The water temperature in the ice pool is between +0.1°C and +6.0°C. After start-up, the IPX Ice Pool System cools down the water present in the ice pool and ice formation on the inner walls of the pool starts when the water temperature reaches approx. +6.0°C.
Below are some examples of use of an ice pool:

  • for cooling down after heat treatments in the spa & wellness area
  • for medical applications and therapies
  • as an attraction and highlight
For further possibilities of use or the implementation of your ideas, our team is at your disposal.
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