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Snow attractions

Snow attractions offer the opportunity to experience and feel snow all year round.
Snow attractions are particularly popular in warmer countries that would otherwise never come into contact with snow.

The design of SnowTubbing tracks, smaller ski slopes, toboggan runs or the winter landscape at the Christmas market are possible with the machines of Metzger MSK.

Due to its consistency, which is in no way inferior to natural snow, it also offers excellent opportunities for building snowmen or having fun in a snowball fight.

With the MSK CLX and the SLX, snow can be produced regardless of the temperature. This offers the advantage that the premises do not have to be cooled and that snow can also be produced in the open with these machines.

For temperatures below -1°C, the MSK NOX series is suitable. This produces fine powder snow, which is distributed over a larger area. For the cooling of objects, Metzger MSK has specially developed the SCX. A cooling machine, which sucks in the room air and cools it down to minus degrees. Our control system can then start the NOX from a previously set value, and the snow production begins.
Snow quality
The snow quality ranges from powder to fluff to coarser snow, which is especially suitable for ski runs.
Snow amount
The amount of snow depends on the preferred system and the desired machine size.
The MSK CLX snow machines operate regardless of ambient conditions and can operate at air temperatures up to +45°C. The NOX snow nozzle technology is suitable for snow production indoor and outdoor at temperatures from -1°C.
Below are some examples of use for winter sports:

  • Ski and snowboard - alpine area
  • Cross-country skiing trails
  • Ski jumping hills
  • and much more
For further possibilities of use or the implementation of your ideas, our team is at your disposal.
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