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Snow cabin

The snow cabin is a closed cabin with snow falling from the ceiling area. By installing one or more MSK SLX snow ma-chines which are placed above the cabin ceiling or suspended from the building ceiling, real snow falls in the snow cabin. This corresponds to the quality of real natural snow. Natural snow feels soft and not scratchy, contains no chem-icals or bacteria and is produced with clean drinking water and air.
Snow amount
The amount of snow produced when operating the snow cabin depends on the selected type of snow machine, the number of installed snow machines and the ambient temperature inside the snow cabin. Due to the low temperature inside the snow cabin from +2°C to +10°C, the snow melts slowly and larger amounts of snow can be created in a tar-geted manner.
The snow cabin is tempered to an ambient temperature of +2°C up to +10°C. The snow cabin can be cooled by a stand-alone room air conditioning system, by connecting it to a central building air conditioning system or by installing MSK IWX ice panels.
Below are some examples of use for the snow cabin::

  • for cooling down after heat treatments in the spa & wellness area
  • for medical applications and therapies
  • as an attraction and highlight
  • for test and material testing
  • sales promotion at POI / POS
The snow cabin offers a wide range of uses. For further possibilities of use or the implementation of your ideas, our team is at your disposal.
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