SLX Snowmachines creating real snowfall with a fine natural snow quality up to +45°C ambient temperature. This snowmaking technology offers a wide range of applications. From the use in Spa and Wellness areas for cooling down and refreshing, for healthy treatments and therapy, for creating snowplay areas, the usage in idustry and research, up to several possibilities in promotion and advertising.

MSK offers the SLX Snowmachines in standard configurations as well as individual configurations adapted to variety of requirements and construction conditions. Also the SLX Snowmachines can be configurated to individual required quantities of snow.

The cooling of the SLX Snowmachines is executed by water cooling and offers the possibility of heat recovering. So the used energy can be regained for other use. Alternatively all SLX Snowmachines can be delivered as air cooling design. Air cooling means that the waste heat of the Snowmachine will discharged into atmosphere.

SLX Snowmachines of latest generation using the newest cooling gases. This protects our environment and complied the guidelines of the Paris climate agreement at an early stage. Also it helps to save future expenses.


SLX Snowmachines providing a wide range of possible applications. Listed below you see some examples for the usage of SLX Snowmachines and a short explanation. Next to the listed applications there are a lot of other possibilities to use SLX Snowmachines. Create further applications and let us work on hand in hand on the realisation.


The SnowShower is an open or closed cabin where snow falls from the ceiling area and which creates a snow cornice on the flow. The SnowShower will not refrigerated.


The SnowCabin is a closed cabin providing real snowfall with one or more unit SLX Snowmachine. The SnowCabin will be chilled to +2°C up to +10°C.


The SnowCave is a closed cabin providing real snowfall with one or more unit SLX Snowmachine or / and SNX snow nozzle snowmaking. The SnowCave will be chilled to -2°C up to -10°C via using MSK IWX IceWall panels





SLX Snowmachines creating a snowfall like in wintertime in the nature. The SLX Snowmachines will be placed above the ceiling or suspended from building ceiling. Via an integrated snow shaft the snow falls down.


Natural Snow

The produced snow by the SLX Snowmachines is equal to fine natural snow. The snow feels soft, light and is no crusted ice or hail. Made by fresh water and air without any additives like chemicals or bacteria.


-30°C up to +45°C

The SLX Snowmachines working independent of climatic conditions and can be used up to+45°C ambient temperature. Of course you can also operate the SLX Snowmachines in frozen zones up to -30°C ambient temperature.



By using the optional SnowBlizzard module the produced snow of the SLX Snowmachines will be swirling around and widespread distributed. The SnowBlizzard module will be installed above the ceiling. Air supply and air exhaust is fed by air ducts.


Silent Operation

The snowmaking operation is nearly noiseless even at the start of the SLX Snowmachine. Visitors and guests not apprehend noise of the snowmaking operation. In this way the visitors and guests will not get disturbed or frightened and can enjoy the experience of snowfall.


Easy Control

The operation of the SLX Snowmachines takes place by a push button to start and stop the snowmaking operation. A touchscreen control is optionally available with extended range of functions with real-time analysis, statistical evaluation and timer function. Also an online control can be realised.


Standard Design

SLX Snowmachines are offered with a standard portfolio of design and construction with different configurations and performances. Different options extend the standard portfolio.


Custom Design

Next to the standard portfolio of SLX Snowmachines it is possible to get custom-made designs and constructions which will be adapted to individual needs.



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Low Pressure

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