The new developed MSK SIX Snow concept combines established MSK technologies and is qualified for snowmaking and cooling of SnowCave and SnowGalaxy as well as for SnowCabin.

SnowCave is comparable to the longstanding known SnowRoom. The advantage to SnowRoom is the reduction of investement costs up to 40% and a broad reduction of required space for the installation of technology as well as installations works and energy costs. In addition to that you don´t need to install air pipes.

In contrast to SnowRoom which use indirect air cooling the SnowCave will be refrigerated directly in the room via proven MSK IceWall.


SLX Snowmachines providing a wide range of possible applications. Listed below you see some examples for the usage of SLX Snowmachines and a short explanation. Click on the symbol or the headline to see further explanations. Next to the listed applications there are a lot of other possibilities to use SLX Snowmachines. Create further applications and let us work on hand in hand on the realisation.


The SnowShower is an open or closed cabin where snow falls from the ceiling area and which creates a snow cornice on the flow. The SnowShower will not refrigerated […]



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CLX Snowmaking

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CLX Snowmaking

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