The ice wall consists of one or more stainless steel panels with integrated cooling technology on whose surface a natural ice layer is formed. The build-up and growth of the ice layer is caused by the humidity in the environment and can be supplemented by an optional water drip system.

The ice wall can be used as a visual highlight or as a direct cooling element for room cooling in the frigidarium, snow cabin or snow cave area.
An ice wall that is used as a visual highlight can be operated at a room temperature of up to +45°C. If the ice wall is to be used for cooling, a maximum room temperature of -10°C can be realized depending on the intended use and specifi-cation by the customer.
Below are some examples of use for the ice wall:

  • for medical applications and therapies
  • as an attraction and highlight
  • sales promotion at POI/POS
  • as cooling element for frigidarium, snow cabin or snow cave
For further possibilities of use or the implementation of your ideas, our team is at your disposal.