This is derived from the Latin frigidus "cold". Frigidaria were already used as part of a thermal bath in ancient Rome. They served as a resting place and for cooling down after heat application. Therefore, the installation of a silent cooling is recommended.

Silent cooling means that the cold is distributed in the room without the influence of fans or the like. With the specially developed ice walls (IWX series) rooms can be cooled without creating an unpleasant draught.

Depending on the area of application and ambient temperature, the formation of ice on the walls is possible. So you have the practical part of cooling as well as an eyecatcher. This can be further enhanced with high-power RGBW LED lamps from the MSK series.

A frigidarium can also be supplemented with the installation of a plunge pool and/or ice pool to ensure faster cooling.
The temperature in the Frigidarium is not precisely defined and varies. Often a room temperature of +20° C is defined as the maximum value. By using MSK IWX ice wall panels, different temperatures can be realized.
Below are some examples of use for a plunge pool:

  • for cooling down after heat treatments in the spa & wellness area
  • for medical applications and therapies
For further possibilities of use or the implementation of your ideas, our team is at your disposal.